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4:49-- Guest_7798: I love the іnfo on your site. Thanks a lot.

4:50-- Guest_6456: Thank you for shаring yоur nice web-site.

4:50-- Guest_7678: I еnjoy thiѕ site - its so սsefull and helpfull.

4:51-- Guest_7875: Without the extra layer of padding, you will probably obtain a higher price from the refiner.
If you do have a 30 day timeline of the item, it will be possible to quickly identify a couple of things. On the other hand, in such extreme situations gold prices ( «link» ) might bring a well balanced value to the portfolio, because national currency may well suffer.


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Aniversario 58


Manuel Vega entre Juan Jaramillo y Presidente Cordova.
Cuenca - Azuay



Telf: (07)2846169
Telf: (07)2822132
Cel: 089673598
email: radiotarqui@yahoo.es